Tourist Insurance

Tourist Insurance

A tourism and/or enjoyment trip must be supported by good medical insurance that covers any emergency that we may have while we enjoy our trip.

Canada is a highly tourist destination and where year after year millions of visitors from all over the world decide to know and explore its natural beauties, its beautiful cities and picturesque towns, as well as being a country with millions of immigrants, their friends, families and loved ones are constantly visiting, but since they do not have a permanent status they cannot access the public health system for free, which is why the need to have good tourist or visitor insurance is essential, in this way we require a good and timely medical care in case of any need of this type, also avoiding the expense of hundreds or thousands of dollars that could be triggered as a result of not having good health insurance.

Each person, couple or family has different needs, which is why we have a variety of options in visitor or tourist insurance from the youngest to the oldest. Knowing each case leads us to always provide the best options.

When you are a new Canadian resident and you come to live and settle in Canada, it is possible that for the first few days or months you are still not covered by the public health system of the province where you live, so it is necessary and recommended to purchase a insurance for medical and emergency care that guarantees us to have the proper and timely medical care for any need for any incident or accident that requires hospital care, in this way we also avoid incurring high expenses for not having good insurance and protection until we are included and active in the public health system.


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