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Applications are assessed on an individual basis and proof of citizenship or immigration documents is required. Once the request is processed, health cards are issued to each family member. Health insurance cards must be presented to health care providers before receiving insured health services. To be eligible for the benefits of:

• Canadian citizen or “permanent resident” • Resident who establishes permanent residence in Nova Scotia • Present in the province 183 days per calendar year and registered in MSI The following people are not eligible for coverage: • Members of the Canadian Armed Forces (however, family members are eligible) • Tourists and visitors to the province students from another province • Inmates of federal penitentiaries.

If you are a full-time student in another Canadian province, you are not eligible for MSI coverage. Your province of residence will continue to provide coverage for as long as you are a student. Contact your province of residence to ensure your coverage is maintained. If you are a returning Canadian citizen or “permanent resident” moving permanently to Nova Scotia from outside Canada, MSI will provide you with first day coverage.

People moving to Nova Scotia from outside the country and holding a work permit valid for a minimum of 12 months can apply for the MSI upon arrival in Nova Scotia, provided they have signed a declaration. The worker cannot be absent from Nova Scotia for more than 31 days, except in the course of his employment. Coverage will begin on the date of arrival in Nova Scotia or the date the work permit is issued, whichever is later. For continued coverage, a copy of the renewed work permit must be submitted and a new declaration form signed each year.

Out-of-country people arriving in Nova Scotia who have a study permit valid for a minimum of 12 months can apply for coverage on the first day of the thirteenth month after arriving in Nova Scotia as a ‘student (provided that they have not been outside the province for more than 31 consecutive days, except as part of their studies); a student arriving in Nova Scotia in July cannot apply until August of the following year. For continued coverage, a copy of each study permit must be sent to MSI and a declaration must be signed each year. Study permit holders are eligible for services provided only in Nova Scotia. Services provided outside the province would be the responsibility of the individual.

Dependent children under 19 are covered on the same basis as their parents once the applicant is entitled to it.

As of July 1, 2006, those with a work permit will be covered for short-term absences from Nova Scotia. If you are traveling outside of Canada for a short time, MSI will only cover emergency medical services. 1. Hospitalization outside the country following an accident or sudden illness during temporary absence from Canada is covered by Canadian funds. The current charge for inpatient emergency services is C $ 525. Per day plus 50% of incidental costs incurred during your hospitalization. Medical services resulting from an accident or sudden illness while on temporary absence from Canada are covered by Canadian funds at Nova Scotia rates.

2. The following services are not paid for under the MSI program. 3. • Hospitalization and ambulatory care costs 4. • X-rays, diagnostic tests and laboratory costs from outpatient, emergency or private establishments 5. • Children’s drug and dental insurance programs 6. • Routine vision analysis

The balance of an account after payment by the Ministry can be quite large. It is strongly recommended that all residents traveling outside the province purchase a travel insurance plan for the period of absence to cover these balances and other insured services

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