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– Maximum medical emergency benefits: $15,000; $25,000; $50,000; $100,000 and $150,000. – Emergency hospital: semi-private room or intensive care unit when medically necessary.
– Ambulance transportation: the use of a licensed local ambulance service. – Emergency air transportation: the cost of one-way economy airfare, stretcher or air ambulance to transport you to your home country, and a medical assistant if needed. * – Diagnosis: Tests needed to diagnose or find out more about your condition. ** – Medical services .
– Private Duty Registered Nurse while in the hospital. – Medical Devices – The rental or purchase (whichever is less) of a hospital bed, wheelchair, brace, crutch, or other medical device.
– Follow-up visits are covered until the treating physician or Manulife medical advisors declare the end of the medical emergency. – Professional medical services referred by a physician: treatment received from a licensed chiropractor, osteopath, acupuncturist, chiropodist, physical therapist or podiatrist, up to $70 per visit up to a maximum of $700 for a covered injury.
– Maple telemedicine service – 24/7 medical consultation service that connects you in minutes to a Canadian licensed primary care physician for an assessment, diagnosis and prescription as needed. Maple is currently available in ON, BC, NS, MB, NL, AB, PEI, NB, QC, NU, and YT. Call the Assistance Center and request Maple service. – Prescription drugs
– Accidental Dental: Up to $4,000 for the repair or replacement of your natural or permanently bonded artificial teeth damaged by an accidental blow to the mouth.
– Dental emergencies: up to $300 for relief of dental pain. – Expenses related to death from a covered medical condition: up to $3,000 per container and to prepare or cremate the body, plus expenses to return the body or ashes to the country of origin, or up to $3,000 for burial at the place of death. *
– Meals and Lodging – Up to $150 per day up to a maximum of $1,500 for hotel, meals, essential calls and taxi fares, if a medical emergency prevents you or your travel companion from returning home as originally planned. *
– Expenses to bring someone to your bedside: up to $3,000 for airfare and up to $500 for hotel and meals for someone to accompany you, if you are traveling alone and are admitted to a hospital for 5 days or more. *
– Expenses to return your travel companion: If you are a repatriate or evacuee (returned home due to illness or death), Manulife will cover the cost of one-way airfare in economy class, to return your travel companion home (one person traveling with you and insured under the Manulife travel insurance plan). *
– Child care expenses: up to $100 per day up to a maximum of $300 per trip, if you are admitted to the hospital. *
– Expenses for the return of the children at your expense, if you are admitted to the hospital for more than 24 hours. *
– Hospital Allowance: Up to $100 per 24-hour period up to a maximum of $300 for out-of-pocket telephone and television expenses, if you are hospitalized for more than 72 hours.
– Travel breaks for a temporary return visit to your home country are available when approved by Manulife. – Flight Coverage to/from Canada: When coverage is purchased before you leave home with an effective date equal to your scheduled arrival date and time in Canada, coverage will also be provided at no additional premium during your uninterrupted flight directly to Canada . An uninterrupted flight can include a layover as long as you don’t leave the airport. When the expiration date is the same as the date and time you are scheduled to depart Canada, coverage will also be provided at no additional premium during your uninterrupted flight from Canada directly home.
OPTIONAL BENEFIT: – Trip Interruption: Up to $1,500 for individual coverage or $5,000 per family if your trip is interrupted due to a covered event.
* These benefits must be authorized and managed by the Assistance Center. ** Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed axial tomography (CAT), sonograms, sonograms or biopsies, cardiac catheterization, angioplasty, and/or cardiovascular surgery, including associated diagnostic tests or charges, must be approved in advance by the Assistance. Center before being made. All surgery must be authorized by the Assistance Center before being performed, except in extreme circumstances where the surgery is performed on an urgent basis immediately after hospital admission.


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