Tourist Insurance


To extend your coverage, you must make your request before the expiration date or the date you were scheduled to return home based on your confirmation. If you have not had any change in your health status and you have not had any event that has resulted or may result in a claim against the policy since the effective date of the insurance, the extension can be issued upon request. Otherwise, the extension is subject to Help Desk approval. To avoid the waiting period, purchase your coverage extension prior to the expiration date of your existing Visitors to Canada policy issued by Manulife.

SECONDARY TRIPS: This insurance provides coverage while traveling outside of Canada (excluding your country of origin), as long as your secondary trip originates and ends in Canada and does not exceed the lesser of: 30 days per policy or 49% of your total number of coverage days. During your coverage period, if you take a trip outside of Canada that is longer than allowed under this policy, your Visitors to Canada coverage will be suspended for the remainder of your trip, but your coverage will not be cancelled. When you return to Canada, your coverage will resume. Proof of travel dates is required for travel outside of Canada in the event of a claim.

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