Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance for permanent and Canadian residents

Most Canadian permanent residents and Canadian citizens are most likely unaware that their provincial health coverage does not cover all of their expenses in the event of a medical emergency or accident in a province other than where they reside. This only covers certain expenses and the others must pay their own money, therefore, it is recommended that when traveling within Canada, permanent residents or citizens acquire insurance that covers any medical emergency during their journey through this territory.

Some of the expenses not covered by the provincial health system in other provinces are:

-Emergency air transport.
-Prescription drugs.
-Rental of medical equipment.
-Dental care.
-Return of the vehicle home.
-Lodging and food expenses for fellow travelers.
-Transportation of a family member to their place of care.
Additionally, the following expenses are only partially covered by the provincial health regime:

-Urgent expenses.
-Hospital expenses.
-Laboratory tests and images.
-Consultation with the doctor.

The best recommendation we can give you is that if you travel outside your province of residence or Canada, purchase travel insurance that covers the greatest number of needs that may occur in the event of an accident or medical emergency and thus avoid spending large sums of money if it is not well insured.


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