Complaint Form

Process and steps to follow
to file a complaint

Step 1: Request an explanation
First, we recommend that you contact customer service to obtain explanations of any dissatisfaction with a service or product.

Customer service :
Travel insurance: Telephone 438-830-492

Step 2: If you are not satisfied with the explanations, you can request a review of your file
In the event that the explanations provided by customer service are not satisfactory, you can request an examination of your file contacting customer service (in the numbers or email mentioned above) or directly with the person in charge of the activity sector in question, if it is applicable.

Step 3: Present a formal complaint
If after examining your file you are not yet satisfied with the decision made or with the review of your file, you can file a formal complaint with the complaints by writing or complete our complaint form. Send your complaint to the next address, being careful to indicate the word “complaint” at the top of your letter:

Responsible for handling complaints

Yirme Maldonado
229 Rue Joseph-Guay, Terrebonne (Québec) J6W4S2

Once the formal complaint of a client has been received, the complaint management officer will send you an acknowledgment of receipt within five (5) business days after reception.

Complaint form link

The Complaints officer ensures that the company’s decision and the reasons given are communicated in writing.

Step 4: Transfer the complaint
If after these steps you are not yet satisfied with the process or the answer, you can ask our complaints officer to send him a copy of his file:
To the Financial Affairs Authority in Quebec (only for Quebec residents)

Keep in mind that you can request that your file be transferred to the authorité des marches financial at any time.


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