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Your Manitoba health card (certificate of registration) Manitoba Health, Healthy Living & Seniors issues a card (or certificate of registration) to all residents of Manitoba, which includes a 9-digit lifetime identification number for each family member. White paper card printed in purple and red, includes the 6 digits of the registration number of the previous person or family, the address of the resident of Manitoba, the name and alternate name (if applicable) of the member family, gender, date of birth, effective date, date of coverage and 9-digit personal health identification number (PIN).

Registration certificates issued by the Office of Insured Benefits confirm your eligibility, as long as you continue to live in Manitoba. Always carry your certificate with you and present it whenever you or your dependents need health services. Your record is affected by any change in the location or status of your family. Please report a new address, marriage, birth, adoption, death, divorce or legal separation to the Insured Benefits Office. The certificate of registration entitles the persons named in the certificate to health benefits. It is a crime under the Medicare Services Act to allow a person to use the certificate whose name is not registered. If you lose your certificate, be sure to contact the Insured Benefits Office in writing to obtain a replacement.

I am new to Canada. How can I request coverage? If you are a new resident and wish to apply for Manitoba Health, Healthy Living and Seniors coverage, please submit a photocopy of your passport and all other Canadian citizenship and immigration documents issued to you, and your dependents, as well as a Manitoba Health certificate. Registration Form. Provided the document issued to you is acceptable under the Medicare Services Act, you may be eligible for coverage. Who is eligible for Manitoba Health, Healthy Living and Seniors coverage? Returning Canadians You are eligible for coverage from the day you arrive in Manitoba, when proof of your Canadian citizenship, date of arrival and residency status is provided. Permanent resident You are eligible for coverage from the date you arrive in Manitoba, when proof of permanent residence is provided, or the date permanent residence is granted.

Working license If your work permit is valid for at least 12 months in Manitoba, you and your family members listed on the work permit are eligible for coverage from the date of issue. If your work permit is for less than 12 months, you are not eligible until you receive an extension allowing you to stay in Manitoba for at least 12 months. After that, it will be covered from the date of the extension. Study permit If you are an international student who holds a valid study permit issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada for a minimum of six months, resides in the province for at least six months per year and has a confirmation of enrollment from an institute of designated education in Manitoba, you are eligible to receive a Manitoba Health Card.

Visitor registration You are not eligible for coverage unless you are accompanying a spouse or parent who holds a work permit valid for 12 months or more, or a study permit valid for 6 months or more. Visitor registration must be valid for at least 183 days. Dependents who reach the age of 18 must attend a recognized educational institution or hold a work permit in order to be entitled to additional benefits.

Am I eligible for coverage? To be eligible for Manitoba Health, Healthy Living and Seniors coverage, you must: • Be a Canadian citizen or; • Have immigrant status as indicated in the Medicare Act such as: or permanent resident o holder of a work and / or study permit and his or her spouse / dependents (permit validity periods apply) • Establish permanent residence in Manitoba, and • Reside (physically) in Manitoba six months per year Not eligible for coverage: • Tourists • Persons in transit in Manitoba • Visitors • Canadian students temporarily absent from other Canadian provinces and territories attending educational institutions in Manitoba.

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