Tourist Insurance


To get a premium refund
a) If you are canceling your policy because your Parent and Grandparent Super Visa application was denied, you must provide proof of Visa denial with your full refund application. Otherwise, you can request a full refund at any time before your insurance effective date.
b) If you are covered by the Canadian government health insurance plan, or return home before the scheduled date as confirmed by you, and have not reported or initiated a claim or received any support services, you may request a refund of the premium for unused days of your trip and you will need to provide proof of the date you actually returned home or the effective date of your Canadian government health insurance plan coverage. Simply contact us to request a refund. All travelers insured under the same policy must return together or be covered by the current Canadian government health insurance plan for reimbursement to be possible. The minimum premium refund amount is $25.
c) If you have a Super Visa for Parents and Grandparents and have purchased 365 days of coverage and are requesting a partial refund due to your early return home or departure from Canada and: • You have not had any claims that have been reported, paid or denied – unused premiums (minimum $25) can be refunded when you have provided proof of return home or departure from Canada.
• You have reported a claim or have a payable claim for which payment has not been issued or the total amount of all reported eligible claim expenses will not exceed the deductible amount; You may request that such claim be withdrawn and, subject to our approval, Unused Premium may be refunded less a $300 processing fee per claim to be deducted from any amount to be refunded. Any expenses related to any claim you withdraw will be your responsibility to pay.
• when a claim has been denied or paid, no refund is possible. A written request to cancel this policy must be received within 60 days of the date of your return home together with proof of your departure from Canada. In no event will we return a cancellation to a date more than 60 days prior to the date we received your cancellation request. If your cancellation request must include a copy of your return airline ticket or a copy of your boarding pass, and a copy of each page of your passport to verify that you did not visit Canada between the date you returned home and the date you submitted your request for reimbursement and a statement that you have not incurred any paid claims and will not report or make any claims against this policy. Once premium reimbursement has been requested, no expenses will be accepted for consideration under the policy, regardless of the date the expense was incurred. There are no refunds available for trip interruption insurance after the effective date, side trips or trip breaks.
NOTE: If you are visiting Canada on an IEC work permit, this policy will continue to provide eligible benefits not covered by your government health insurance plan.


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