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Tourist Insurance


You can extend your coverage period before your policy expires by calling your agent or TuGo during general business hours.
An administrative fee may be charged in addition to the premium for the additional number of days required. You must meet the following conditions:
1. You have not filed a claim and do not intend to file a claim. 2. Your coverage period has not yet expired. 3. Extensions are not available if the total duration of the trip exceeds two years from the effective date of the original Policy. 4. You have not seen a physician or other registered physician since your departure date or the effective date of the Policy. 5. You are not currently experiencing any symptoms and are not aware of any reason to seek medical attention. If these conditions are not met, an extension may be authorized at the discretion of TuGo. If an extension has been authorized, there will be no coverage for subsequent claims related directly or indirectly to the condition(s) or symptom(s) for which a claim has been or will be filed or for which a claim was received or required. medical treatment before. until the effective date of the extension.

Travel outside of Canada: Worldwide travel during the coverage period is valid as long as the majority of the coverage period is spent in Canada and you have traveled to Canada first before taking additional trips outside of Canada. Visits to your country of permanent residence are allowed; your Policy will not terminate, however expenses will not be covered while you are in your country of permanent residence.

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