Student Insurance


If you already have coverage, simply call the broker you purchased this coverage from. You may be able to extend your coverage as long as:

1. Your coverage period does not extend beyond 365 days; 2. remains eligible for insurance under this plan; 3. we have received the extension request prior to the expiration date of your existing policy issued by us; and 4. there have been no changes between individual or family coverage.
NOTE: For policy extensions, no loss, expense or benefit will be paid for any illness or injury that first appeared, whether diagnosed or undiagnosed, or for which treatment was or was not received prior to the effective date. of the extent of coverage. under this policy.
ADDITIONAL TRAVEL: You are covered for: Emergency medical benefits while traveling outside of Canada for periods of up to fifteen (15) consecutive days, as long as your trip outside of Canada does not exceed 49% of your coverage period and as long as you travel outside of Canada. Canada of Canada originates and ends in Canada and excludes your country of origin.

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