Destination Travel Group

Student Insurance


When submitting your refund request, please include:
1. a written request; Y
2. a copy of your confirmation of coverage; Y
3. confirmation of your early departure, such as a boarding pass or itinerary, or any other written proof of your early return to your country of origin;
4. any other documentation that supports your request for reimbursement.
Refunds are payable when:
1. The student does not meet the visa entry eligibility requirements.
2. The insured returns permanently to his country of origin 30 days or more before the expiration date of the coverage.
3. The student is no longer enrolled in a school within Canada or the country of study.
4. The insured is covered by a provincial or territorial health/medical plan. Premium refund requests, regardless of payment method, should be submitted to Destination Travel Group Inc. There will be no premium refund if losses have been incurred, whether or not a claim has been made. Premiums that are 100% refundable are subject to a $10 administrative fee, except when canceled during the 10-day exam period.
Partial cancellations have a $25 administration fee. These fees are deducted from the net premium to be reimbursed. Refunds will not be provided for amounts less than the minimum required premium for the plan purchased. Reimbursements will be calculated from the date of your permanent return to your home country, or from the date you became covered by a provincial or territorial government health plan (incoming students only), or the day you is not enrolled in a school within Canada. or your country of study.

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