Tourist Insurance


– Maximum benefits: $10,000; $25,000; $50,000; $100,000; $150,000 and $300,000.
– Hospital emergencies: up to the amount of the insurance contracted for semi-private accommodation
– Physicians, surgeons and anesthesia services
– Private services of a registered nurse up to $10,000*
– Diagnosis: laboratory tests and X-ray examinations ordered by a doctor.
– Transportation by ambulance: licensed local air, land or sea ambulance (including mountain or sea evacuation) to the nearest hospital, when reasonable and necessary.
– Emergency air transportation: such as air ambulance, one-way economy airfare, stretcher, and/or a medical assistant to transport you to your home country due to a covered emergency illness or injury*
– Medical Device: Rental of crutches or hospital-type bed, not to exceed the purchase price, and the cost of splints, trusses, braces, or other approved prosthetic devices*
– Follow-up visits as prescribed by the treating physician at the time of the emergency. Follow-up visits must occur during the coverage period and be directly related to the emergency. The emergency must occur during the coverage period and AGA has been notified.
– Prescription Drugs or Medicines: One month’s supply, up to a maximum of $1,000.
– Professional medical services referred by a physician (care received from a licensed physical therapist, chiropractor, osteopath, chiropodist, podiatrist, and acupuncturist) up to $500 per profession.
– Accidental Dental: Up to $4,000 for repair or replacement of sound or whole natural teeth damaged by an accidental blow to the face.
– Dental Emergencies: Up to $500 for immediate relief of acute dental pain, other than that provided by Accidental Dental.
– Family or Friends Transportation: Up to $3,000 for inexpensive round-trip transportation to transport a close family member or friend to your bedside when directed by an attending physician OR to identify your remains in the event of your death. Up to $1,000 for lodging, meals, essential phone calls, and taxi fares incurred by your family member or close friend after arrival. *
– Meals and lodging in the event you or your insured travel companion are hospitalized on the date you are scheduled to return home: up to $150 per day up to a maximum of $1,500, or up to a maximum of 10 days for commercial lodging. , meals, childcare costs, essential phone calls and taxi fares incurred by you or any insured traveling companion.
– Emergency Return Home: Up to $3,000 for the cost of inexpensive one-way transportation to your home country if the covered illness or injury requires your immediate return home during the coverage period. This benefit also includes an additional insured family member. *
– Return of the Deceased (Repatriation): In the event of death from a covered condition, up to $10,000 is provided to return the body home, or up to $4,000 for cremation or burial at the place of death. The cost of a casket or urn is not covered.
– Accidental Death and Dismemberment: up to a maximum of the insured sum indicated in your confirmation of coverage, for accidental loss of life, physical integrity or sight (excluding flight accident).
– Act of terrorism: if you suffer a loss due to an act of terrorism, the insurer will pay up to the aggregate limit described in the insurance policy.
– Flight Coverage to/from Canada: Coverage begins on the later of: a) the date and time AGA or its representative accepts the completed application and premium; or b) the date indicated as the effective date on your confirmation of coverage; or c) the first time you leave your country of origin. The coverage expiration time is the time within the Canadian time zone where the coverage was purchased.
* Subject to prior approval by AGA

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